Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Food Making Weekend

In preparation for our foray into solid foods, Aunt Katty and Mom have been planning a Baby-Food-Making-Weekend for a few weeks! Katty found a book that is really informative and has beautiful pictures and good recipes for baby food so we decided we could do it. She came down this weekend and we went to Whole Foods to find good organic fruits and veggies. We made and froze several different entrees, enough to last two weeks. It was realatively easy and we calculated the costs savings on a few of these things to be HALF of what it costs to buy the jar of Gerber. Not to mention that one of the sections in the book talks about how manufactured baby food has a shelf life of 2 years so the idea of all of those preservatives in his very first introduction to food kinda grossed us out! So below is a picture of the finished product, the entrees we ended up with were roasted yellow squash, applesauce, creamed sweet potatoes, and steamed zuccini.
We tasted each one as we went and thought they were all pretty delicious! The zuccini needed some salt to taste good to me, but I would have eaten a big bowl of the squash and the other two were pretty good too - definately something I would eat. We also got avocados and bananas for some no-cook alternatives and we decided to start out with avocados this weekend - mostly b/c we were making fajitas and guacamole for dinner so we thought it would be nice to let him have some of what we were having (also Aunt Biz suggested this months ago - just that I try to match up what we are eating with what he is eating right now so he can associate the smells of what I'm cooking for us - with what he's eating. Makes sense right?) Speaking of Aunt Biz we missed her a lot this weekend! But we talked to her on the phone and told Cole that she would appreciate the "Booger face" or "Shrekfast" pictures below more than anyone! He gave us a few funny faces at first but it didn't take long before he was eagerly licking avocado off Katty's fingers! Pretty hilarious!
Below are pictures from dinner tonight! He will have four days of avocado and then move onto the next food. I'm giving him rice cereal for breakfast and until today he has only eaten about a tablespoon at a time. But tonight I fed him a tablespoon of avocado and then Cory came in and fed him about 2 more! He just kept eating! So I'm hoping we didn't overdo it but this kid really loves to eat! Check out his "Shrek face" below!

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Aunt Biz said...

Good thing it is summer so that you can eat shirtless.
Please, please get some of that green goo on your dad. It will really gross him out and that will be really funny. Giggle some for me.
Love you,
Aunt Biz