Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I know what you are thinking - he's too little to be teething! But much to my disbelief, Cole is almost 6 months and he's actually been teething for a while now! Nothing is really happening as far as teeth go - but he is fussy and drooling and just doing his job as a baby to grow some teeth! So here are some pictures of him hard at work on it yesterday. So far he likes his teething ring, teething keys, and a frozen washcloth if things are really bad!

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Holly said...

Marjorie, I just saw you left a comment for us! Things have been crazy around here. I am sure you have your hands full with Cole seeing as he looks just like a little Cory. I love your background. Where did you find it? I have been looking for a better one. I am not very good at it either but I am learning. I thought the birthday countdown to Madison's first birthday was cool. About the reading program...Chris thought I was nuts because I bought it off an infomercial. After he watched her watch it for the second time, he turned into a believer. It's called Your Baby Can Read ( I even doubted my purchase at first but I have to say it is one of the best purchases I have made for her. The program is a series of dvd's, books, flashcards, etc. We started off with the first dvd. Words flash on the tv screen and the word is pronounced. For example, CLAP. Then it will show a baby or child clapping. The second time Madison watched it, she clapped when the word clap appeared. She now knows the words toes, clap, arms up, arms down, and wave just to list a few. Arms up came in handy when we taught her how to drink from a sippy cup! There are even a couple of sing-a-long songs on each dvd. I sing one and Chris will sing the other. She loves it and apparently recognized Twinkle, Twinkle today at school when it was played. Anyway, I should have just emailed you instead of writing this long comment. Don't be a stranger and if you do try the reading program, let me know how Cole likes it.