Friday, December 19, 2008

2 months old!

Well Cole Allen was two months old yesterday! So to "celebrate" I took him to his two month pediatrician visit and he got five shots in the legs and had to take two oral vaccines. Poor baby!

But other than the terrible shots, he had a great visit. He was pronouced healthy and "perfect" at 10 pounds 5 ounces and 23 inches long. A bit of a string bean but that's ok. He has been VERY sleepy these last two days from the effect of the shots so he has slept a lot and gives out a pitiful cry mid-nap just to let me know how sad he is about all of this. I know it is mean but I couldn't help taking some pictures of his drug-induced nap b/c he is so cute.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Grandparents

Cole has now officially met all of his great-grandparents. PawPaw and Granny came to Dallas the day after his birth and he has met Grandad Jett, Grandma Hohweiler and Gran-Gran in Guymon this week. We still haven't completed the "four generation" pictures but here are some pictures from this week!

First Thanksgiving

Cole thoroughly enjoyed his first Thanksgiving! We had a Jett family Thanksgiving in Dallas this year and it was a really great weekend. Aunt Biz came first. She arrived late Tuesday night and met Cole for the first time. They bonded immediately so she took the night shift so that Cory and I could sleep at little! Then on Wednesday she served as his first babysitter so I could go get my hair cut and run some errands sans baby. This was my first "mother's day out" and it felt good. I had not been away from him for that long yet so I missed him but they had a great time playing and making cookies! Then on Wednesday night Mom and Dad and Katty arrived. Cory made fried pheasant for dinner and we all just sat around admiring Cole - hehehe, he loved it! We went downtown on Thursday morning to run in the 41st annual Turkey Trot. Dad ran the 8 mile course and the rest of us walked the 3 mile fun run. Cory pushed Cole in the stroller so that he could say he had officially completed his first 5K at just 5 weeks old! We all had a great time and enjoyed the craziness of the event. There were over 34,000 participants and tons of great Thanksgiving costumes and general merriment. We got home around noon to start preparing Thanksgiving dinner and rounded out the evening with a big feast and some card games. The rest of the weekend flew by...we shopped a little on "black Friday" and took Cole on several walks. We played cards and sat around holding Cole and napping. Everyone had a great time and Cory and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting our first holiday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photo Session

Cole is doing well. He eats, sleeps, and grows. That agenda keeps him pretty busy so we just keep a very low profile and enjoy each day. Unfortunately that leaves the blog subjects pretty boring so I will just post his most recent pics and promise some more interesting reading as we get closer to the holidays!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Cole participated in his first election today. Even though he missed a lot of the campaign, the primaries and most of the debates he still wanted to vote! So here he is after his first voting experience outside the Rosemeade Community Center. As you can tell he was totally worn out (big yawn) by the outing!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gigi and Pops

Gigi and Pops (aka LaTonia and Marvin) have been visiting Cole this week. We have had a great time just playing and enjoying the wonderful weather. Cole has been sufficiently "spoiled" by his grandparents and Cory and I have really enjoyed the help (especially Gigi's cooking - she made Cory's two favorite meals while she was here which he loved!). So they head back to Kansas tomorrow morning - we will miss them and have promised lots of pictures! And speaking of pictures - you knew I had to post a few of the visit. These are pics of Cole with his grandparents modeling various gifts that they brought with them.
Lauri Austin sent a beautiful fleece baby blanket several months ago when she heard the news that LaTonia was going to be a grandma. It is really soft and is in the first pic below. Pat Matthews gave LaTonia a Nebraska bib and doll since she knew he'd have plenty of OU gear. Pops said he started crying the minute we put that bib on him and stopped as soon as we took it off. Made for great pics after this weekend's game - sorry Pat! Then Paula sent a huge bag of clothes, burp cloths and a custom OU blanket just for Cole. We took a picture of Cory in the OU blanket that Paula made for him, holding Cole in the OU blanket that Paula made just for him. Paula, please note that Cory snuggles under that blanket on the couch every night while he watches TVand I'm sure Cole's will get just as much or more use!
So thank everyone for the wonderful gifts and thanks to Pops and Gigi for their love and support!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Cole's First Halloween

Well today is Cole's first Halloween. I never thought he would be participating in Halloween this year - I had envisioned handing out candy at the door dressed as a 9 month pregnant woman (hehehe - no costume necessary). But here we are with a bouncing 2 week old. So Cory and I went last weekend and browsed the preemie costumes and came up with the baby Jack-O-Lantern and the baby ghost. I went ahead and dressed him in the Jack-O-Lantern for the day so I'm posting those pics now. This afternoon we are going to take him up to Cory's office and so he'll change into his fresh ghost costume for his first Halloween "party". I'll post those pics when we get home so you'll get the full fashion show! Hope everyone has a very festive day and a night full of darling trick-or-treaters!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cole's First Bath

Some of you have already seen this but I figured I should post it anyway. We gave Cole his first bath on Friday. Dad did the honors and he posted the video to Utube so here are just a few pics.