Monday, April 20, 2009

Cereal - a super fun mess

We took Cole to his six month checkup with Dr. Mix today. He weighed 17 pounds 3 ounces and measured 23 inches long! He's on average in the 50th percentile in weight, height and head size. And he took his vaccinations like a little champ - some crying but not like his 2 or 4 month shots!

Cole and Dad waiting for Dr. Mix. He loves the crinkle of the paper under his feet. Now the fun part is over so Mom gets to hold while we wait for the shots! Poor baby knows what is coming!

So the most exciting part about this appointment was that she said it is time to start solid foods! Last week we did rice cereal and he really liked it! We took some video which I will try to post later but he was really funny and once he got a little taste of it he was lunging at the spoon and grinning up at us when we laughed at him! Pretty cute! Of course this increases our mess factor quite a bit so here are a few pics of the first solid meal and the cereal face that resulted!

Look at that lean - this kid LOVES rice cereal!

Cereal Face!

Full and happy!

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