Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy - Part 2

This was several days ago but I thought the pics were cute. Cole LOVES to get into the pantry and help himself to anything on the bottom shelf (which happens to be boxes so some of his favorite foods like Ritz, Cheerios, etc.). He is so pleased when he finds something he recognizes and last Thursday I caught him feeding Ritz cracker to Norman after getting them out of pantry. Again, I noticed this misbehavior b/c he was giggling like crazy to have Norman (who is usually pretty leary of coming too near Cole) eating crackers out of his hand!

Busy - Part 1

I am WAY behind on the blogging but I had to post these two funny series of pictures that will show you exactly how "busy" our household is these days. I'm hoping to get caught up on the blogging in the next few weeks so I can print off a book of Cole's first year complete with all major milestones and memories so watch for those "past posts". But for now, here are some funny pictures that I took today of general "busy-ness"

PS - I was in the closet getting dressed when this happened so I could hear him but not see him. I had known this was coming b/c of his growing interest in toilet paper rolls but he just hadn't gotten a crack at one w/o my interference until today. And you will notice that I removed the roll b/f taking these pictures so he couldn't empty the ENTIRE thing but man he was giggling as he did this!