Saturday, April 4, 2009

Almost Summer

We are enjoying a nice warm spring weekend that is making me long for summer! We started out the warm weekend by watching Dad plant a new peach tree in the backyard. I had never really thought about it but Cole hasn't really been outside much in his life and certainly hasn't had much exposure to grass, bugs, mud and other fun things that the great outdoors holds for little boys. So we went back outside this afternoon and just let him feel the crunchy grass b/t his toes, pull it up with his inquisitive little hands, he even got to squish some mud as we've had a wet week. Of course I took pictures, and then we came inside, washed off and relaxed in front of the open windows, just enjoying the fresh air.

Tiny feet in crunchy grass - it was funny to watch him curl his toes up at that tickling feeling of grass between your toes!

Sitting down now so mom can capture the toe curl at a better angle! hehehe

I think he is telling me that he can do it on his own....

Whoa!!! Don't worry, no infants were harmed in the making of this blog! He did topple backwards but didn't seem to really mind - after all he is his father's son!

Relaxing in the shade now, he is facing our open bedroom window and spent about 30 minutes just watching the curtains blow in the wind and listening to the bird chatter outside

Mom, take my paci. Hey, what are you doing - give that back!

Easing towards naptime...


kate said...

He is sooooo beauitful! I love that we are both in the blogging world! much love - akte

Aunt Biz said...

Man, he really looks like a Hohweiler in that last picture. In the last week, he is looking so grown up. I can really see his hair in these pictures. When is that little monkey going to come visit? (Aunt Biz is merely 2.5 hours away from Hohweiler grands).