Sunday, February 1, 2009

Transportation PJs

Before Cole was born, Biz gave us one year of PJ's. So tonight we pulled out the 3 to 6 months pair so I had to post pictures!! It's so funny b/c I always look at clothes and say "oh, that will never fit, he is way too small for those" and then they do!!! But these were particularly cute and they are a little big so they'll last us a few months but strangley he filled them out around and not in length which is unusual. I usually have the opposite problem and he outgrows the length first! Anyway, here are the Tranportation PJ's!

Lazy Sunday

We have had a wonderful lazy Sunday today. It was in the 70's here so we were really enjoying the feeling that Spring is coming! Cory and I are getting excited about all the summer excitement of a 6-9 month old and can't wait to get him outside, in the pool, etc. So we went for a walk today, opened up all the windows and aired out the house, played in the backyard with the dogs, etc. And then we had some quiet reading time which is when I took these pictures. They're just for fun and really are just b/c I knew the grandparent's needed some new ones! Enjoy!

"mom, are we going to read or what?"