Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Red Wagon

We went to Mom and Dad's this weekend for the annual Pheasant Hunting Trip (more pics of that to come) and we found some little boy toys at my Grandma's house for Cole to bring home. Among them were a Tonka Truck that belonged to my Uncle Bobby, a Christmas music box, and a little red wagon. We played with all of them in the car except for the wagon and when we got home Cole had an extended playing session with it while we unpacked the car. He is into pulling things right now so it works great and can carry a lot of toys!

More Christmas Tree Decorating

Just a continuation of those pictures...

Christmas Tree Decorating

While Cory's family was here for Thankgiving we set up and decorated the Christmas tree. It worked out great and Cory and I even snuck in a trip to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. But the best part of it was that on Friday night Pops got out the train set and set it up around the tree. Cole was completely fascinated (and still is). He sat and watched the train for a LONG time. At one point he got up and walked away, we all thought he was done and were remarking on how long it had held his attention, then he returned with a pillow and flopped down on it for a more comfortable vantage point! It was pretty cute! He is still very interested in it so it has served as a great buffer between Cole and the tree and he hasn't even pulled too many ornaments off! Here are some pictures of the process.

Look Alike Contest Continued

These pics serve a dual purpose. They are a pretty good indicator of how much Cole favors his father. They are also some good pictures of our family outing to pick out a Christmas tree. We did this the day before Thanksgiving and it was pretty close to naptime so Cole was sleepy and VERY serious.

These last two are of a very concerned baby whose daddy was lashing the tree to the top of the car. I think he was a little worried about the safety of his number one guy!

Look Alike Contest

We have gotten a mixed review on who Cole looks like so far. We get a lot of Daddy. They have very similar smiles, eyes and sleeping faces. We get a few of Mommy - mouth and serious face. And we get a lot of Uncle Eric. So I thought I'd post some pics of Cole with Uncle E for posterity and we'll see who he favors as he grows!

Lots of New Pics

Well I have a LOT of catching up to do. So really I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to post a few quick narratives to go with new pictures and consider myself updated! So this first set of pictures was just a productive Thursday for mom and Cole. Before Thanksgiving we cleaned out the pantry and did a deep cleaning of the kitchen. Cole was a big help as you can tell from the pictures!