Monday, January 26, 2009

New Buddy

Cole and Cory went to visit a new buddy today. Tim and Tatum had baby Peyton last night. He and Tatum are both doing well. Here is a picture of the two new friends. Cory and I keep looking at it in amazement and thinking "who is that toddler in Cory's arms". In our eyes he still looks like that tiny newborn in the hospital recieving blanket. But what a difference 14 weeks makes!

Pretty cute kids and their proud dads!

We also took some pictures as Cole and Dad were leaving the house because we both agreed he looked exceptionally cute today (hehehe - well every day! We are still pretty nutso even after 14 weeks) and I'm posting those too! His shirt says "Handsome (good looks run in my family)" hehehe - guess who got him that one - his dad of course!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend at Grammie and Grandad's

Cole and I went to Guymon last weekend just to have one more visit with our family there b/f I went back to work. We never got home around the Christmas holiday which I was sad about so we planned to go on MLK weekend to take advantage of the school 1/2 day that mom had. We had a great time! We got there Thursday night and got to play and snuggle with Grammie all day Friday b/c she took the day off. Then greeted Grandad when he got home on Friday evening. We played more on Saturday and then went to Elkhart to get MY grandad and brought him home for dinner. We enjoyed a lazy Sunday and saw the Hohweiler great-grandparents on Monday. We missed Aunt Linda b/c she was out of town visiting her new grand baby and we missed Aunt Cindy b/c she was sick and didn't want to infect us. But it is always nice to get home b/c we have so much family there and they LOVE to see Cole. Cory's grandparents couldn't believe how much he had grown and how much he looked like Cory as a baby! It was a fun and relaxing trip and we also took some great pictures!

First Flight

Last week Cole and I went to Guymon one last time b/f my maternity leave was over. We didn't want to make the 8 hour drive alone so we flew SW to Amarillo and Mom picked us up there. He did great! Cory helped us get through security and settled at the gate. And Cole was awake and happy the ENTIRE time (to the airport, through the airport, onto the plane, through the flight and through the Amarillo airport) which was a pretty long stretch for him. He talked and smiled the entire flight so of course all the people around us and the flight attendents were in love with him! Then he cheerfully greeted his Grammie and we also stopped to see Aunt Mary Beth in Amarillo. She was the first of the aunts to see him in person so we were excited about that and need to get him to OKC and McAlester soon!
He did equally well on his second flight. Grammie got us to the gate and changed and snuggled him there. We both cried when we boarded but when we got off the plane - there was dad! As close as the security would let him get and ready to see his baby boy! Cole grinned and cooed, I know he missed Cory a lot! So it was a very successful trip and made the distance from our families seem a little more manageable.

"Hands Free" Holding

We have had a lot of development over the past few weeks and Cole is getting really active! The week after Thanksgiving he really started talking and cooing to us a lot. Then the week after Christmas he started to control his head a lot more. Now he does some spectacular baby push-ups, he can sit up and hold his head (with the occaisional bobble) while just holding onto your hands and he can roll from tummy to back. He is really interested in mirrors and toys and people. And he wants to be up and going all the time. So the solution has become the "hands free" approach pictured below. He loves the tummy pack, we use it mainly for walking the dogs and for evening chores that mom needs to get done but Cole doesn't want to sleep through! He is really cute about it and Cory thinks it's hilarious!


Well we are VERY late in posting about Christmas. I am getting a little waylaid by trying to keep up with all the communication tools (i.e. myspace, facebook, etc.). But I'll get caught up eventually. So a quick report on Christmas. We had Hohweiler Christmas at our house this year. It was a great time although on Christmas Eve we noticed that Cole was coughing a little. He suffered through the holiday weekend and by the time we got to the pediatrician's office on Monday he had full blown RSV. (For those of you w/o kids, that is baby bronchitus. Cole was born right in the middle of RSV season so the hospital warned us about it when we brought him home b/c 90% of the time kids have to be hospitalized and receive breathing treatments to recover). Our pediatrician was wonderful and said that he looked like a good fighter so she would wait on the hospitalization. So he made it through on his own and recovered beautifully. And I got a crash course in sick baby - it was pretty scary but you learn fast and quickly are an expert at bulb syringes and rectal thermometers.

Anyway, he recovered and even at the height of the illness which I think was the Saturday and Sunday after Christmas, he was still a very pleasant baby and enjoyed having his Hohweiler relatives for the holiday. Here are some pics of the weekend!

Happy Birthday Aunt Kathryn

Although this should have been posted weeks ago - better late than never right? Happy B-day Aunt Kathryn! Cole can't wait to come visit you soon and meet Molly the Dog!