Monday, March 16, 2009

My Boys

As most of you probably know - I am back to work. So Cory and I have worked our schedules out so that I can drop Cole off at daycare at about 9am and Cory can pick him up at 5pm. This requires that Cory go to work early in the morning and I stay a little later in the evening. So Cory and Cole usually spend a few hours in the evening just doing boy things and getting ready for mom to come home. Consequently, I usually get home and they are playing or starting supper or changing a diaper or something. But tonight I came in and all was quiet. I looked around, no boys.....called out for them, no boys.....finally I found them in our bedroom!

Poor guys were exhausted from a wild Monday and getting some much needed snuggle time! It was so cute that I debated for a minute about taking a picture and then decided I had too! Unfortunately the flash did wake Dad up. But I had to share the picture b/c I thought it was so darling!


ShanaBench said...

What a moment to capture!! Miss you all!

Kara said...

That is too precious! Cole has grown so much!