Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Outfit

We got a basket of spring gifts when we went to Katty's for spring break. It was a collaborative effort by Mom and Katty and it was really fun! First, Katty made me a grocery cart cover that is so darling! It even has little loops to hook toys to it so Cole can play w/o risk of dropping his toys on the grocery store floor! Here is Cole using it yesterday! He LOVES it b/c in the car seat he can't see what is going on around him and he is VERY curious and interested.

He hasn't realized I'm taking pictures yet so he's totally into the toy that's hooked to the cover.

Now he sees me, he already knows what to do for the camera!

This is a little better sit up, our favorite isle is the laundry detergent isle b/c is smells so good!

Close up. Little does he know but when he was two weeks old Cole went with Mom and I to purchase the fabric for this cart cover. At the time it was fabric for the stage of Mom's high school musical. Katty obviously got some scraps and thus the cart cover was born! When he gets older I'll tell him he picked it out himself!

She also gave Cole two books. First, a classic and one of my very favorites (actually my whole family loves this book) - Make Way for Ducklings.
And second, Duck in a Truck. It is pretty funny although our soon to be Master of children's literature (Aunt Biz) makes fun of this one!
Last but certainly not least, Mom had a new Easter/Spring dress for me and outfit for Cole! I have not taken pictures of the dress yet but here are pictures of Cole in his new Easter outfit complete with hat! These pictures a just a little bit blurry. And he honestly doesn't look very happy in his new duds but I think we tried them on him right before we put his PJ's on and put him to bed so that is why he has such a concerned look on his face!

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