Monday, March 9, 2009

Future Habitat Volunteer

For those of you who don't know, Cory has started a new job with Habitat for Humanity this spring. He has been there for about 6 weeks now (I think) and is really enjoying it! He is in charge of procurement and has already been able to save them a lot of money through his contacts and his intimiate knowledge of current pricing. He is really enjoying the family atmosphere, much more flexible schedule and truly meaningful work. I am so proud of him!

So Cole and I went for a tour last week and we got to see the entire complex which was really interesting. They build the walls for each house on site (actually right outside Cory's office as he is partially responsible for overseeing the prisoners who work in the "wall shop"). They also have shipping containers onsite that they load with all of the materials for a house. There is a retail store on site where all donated materials that can't be utilized are sold to the public and profits are used to further Habitat's ongoing projects. So the whole place is very interesting and I really enjoyed seeing it. We also met a lot of people and they were all very nice. The very first person we met was just enamoured with Cole and said "we have got to get him a onesie". So a few days later, Cory came home with this cute onesie that says "Habitat for Humanity, Future Volunteer". Of course I had to take pictures and I hope you can read it! We are excited for Cole to get big enough to go to work with Dad or maybe help with a build over the weekends!

Dad and Cole (note his funny face, this is a teething face and we think it makes him look like a little old man!)

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity Future Volunteer!

Even more dramatic old man face!

Check out those leg rolls! hehehe

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