Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend at Grammie and Grandad's

Cole and I went to Guymon last weekend just to have one more visit with our family there b/f I went back to work. We never got home around the Christmas holiday which I was sad about so we planned to go on MLK weekend to take advantage of the school 1/2 day that mom had. We had a great time! We got there Thursday night and got to play and snuggle with Grammie all day Friday b/c she took the day off. Then greeted Grandad when he got home on Friday evening. We played more on Saturday and then went to Elkhart to get MY grandad and brought him home for dinner. We enjoyed a lazy Sunday and saw the Hohweiler great-grandparents on Monday. We missed Aunt Linda b/c she was out of town visiting her new grand baby and we missed Aunt Cindy b/c she was sick and didn't want to infect us. But it is always nice to get home b/c we have so much family there and they LOVE to see Cole. Cory's grandparents couldn't believe how much he had grown and how much he looked like Cory as a baby! It was a fun and relaxing trip and we also took some great pictures!

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Kara said...

Cute pics! Next time you are in Guymon, we need to come and get a pic of the two cole's!