Monday, January 26, 2009

New Buddy

Cole and Cory went to visit a new buddy today. Tim and Tatum had baby Peyton last night. He and Tatum are both doing well. Here is a picture of the two new friends. Cory and I keep looking at it in amazement and thinking "who is that toddler in Cory's arms". In our eyes he still looks like that tiny newborn in the hospital recieving blanket. But what a difference 14 weeks makes!

Pretty cute kids and their proud dads!

We also took some pictures as Cole and Dad were leaving the house because we both agreed he looked exceptionally cute today (hehehe - well every day! We are still pretty nutso even after 14 weeks) and I'm posting those too! His shirt says "Handsome (good looks run in my family)" hehehe - guess who got him that one - his dad of course!

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Kara said...

Cute stuff! He is getting so big, just wait until he starts eating food then the pounds pile on!