Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Hands Free" Holding

We have had a lot of development over the past few weeks and Cole is getting really active! The week after Thanksgiving he really started talking and cooing to us a lot. Then the week after Christmas he started to control his head a lot more. Now he does some spectacular baby push-ups, he can sit up and hold his head (with the occaisional bobble) while just holding onto your hands and he can roll from tummy to back. He is really interested in mirrors and toys and people. And he wants to be up and going all the time. So the solution has become the "hands free" approach pictured below. He loves the tummy pack, we use it mainly for walking the dogs and for evening chores that mom needs to get done but Cole doesn't want to sleep through! He is really cute about it and Cory thinks it's hilarious!

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