Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Flight

Last week Cole and I went to Guymon one last time b/f my maternity leave was over. We didn't want to make the 8 hour drive alone so we flew SW to Amarillo and Mom picked us up there. He did great! Cory helped us get through security and settled at the gate. And Cole was awake and happy the ENTIRE time (to the airport, through the airport, onto the plane, through the flight and through the Amarillo airport) which was a pretty long stretch for him. He talked and smiled the entire flight so of course all the people around us and the flight attendents were in love with him! Then he cheerfully greeted his Grammie and we also stopped to see Aunt Mary Beth in Amarillo. She was the first of the aunts to see him in person so we were excited about that and need to get him to OKC and McAlester soon!
He did equally well on his second flight. Grammie got us to the gate and changed and snuggled him there. We both cried when we boarded but when we got off the plane - there was dad! As close as the security would let him get and ready to see his baby boy! Cole grinned and cooed, I know he missed Cory a lot! So it was a very successful trip and made the distance from our families seem a little more manageable.

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