Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pray for Kaci

For those of you who may not know, one of my very best friends has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is fighting that cancer like a champ! I haven't posted about it before because I think most of my blog audience are family and friends who also read her blog. But on the off chance that there is anyone out there who reads mine and doesn't read hers, I wanted to be sure to spread her story.

Kaci is my childhood best friend, freshman year of college roommate and someone who will undoubtedly be a lifelong friend. Her high school sweetheart, Ryan, asked her to marry him during our freshman year of college. Together they have three darling kids, Tate, Mya and Jada. They currently live in Guymon after a two year mission in Albania. They live across the street from my parents (who live one house down from her parents which is how we became such good friends in the first place) and so I get to see them when I go home to visit!

If I had to describe Kaci in one word I would probably use loyal. Once she loves something - she sticks with it. She is a loyal, dependable friend, wife, daughter, mother, and follower of Christ. She has been unfailing in her faith during this trying time and I think that is pretty characteristic of her as she's never been one to like drama or make a big deal over things. I also see her as the type of person who is constantly moving forward. She doesn't like to sit still and isn't afraid of the future or sad about leaving the past. She used to always make me get up early in college b/c she didn't want to sleep all day and she had some adventure in mind!

So I won't go into all the detail of her story, her blog is the best place for that and its at the top of my list to the right so go to "Ronne Family" for more information. But today at 10:30 she has an MRI and we are praying that there has been some decrease in the size of the tumor due to her recent few weeks of radiation. Her husband, Ryan, has been the leader of what has become "Team Kaci" over the past two months and he is asking that we all pause to pray at 10:30.

I do believe that God hears all our prayers equally, so that the simple, unpracticed prayer muttered by the inmate on death row is heard with the same clarity as the eloquent prayer of the most adored pastor. But I do think God will be chuckling at 10:30 and saying "I knew you could do it". I think that he knew that this tumor would not be a TEST for Kaci, Ryan and family but would be a TESTament to their faith that would shine the light of his love to the blogger community, Facebook forum, and countless churches and homes as people learned of her story and her family's faithful reaction.

So please join in the prayer today (and everyday) that God will heal her and claim his power over all things!

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