Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dallas Children's Museum

We had a very eventful day today! Cory was given some tickets to the NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway today so the boys and I decided to go on our own outing. We went straight from church to the Vanderlick's house to meet up with Tatum and Peyton (Tim was with Cory). After naptime, we all loaded up and headed to the Dallas Children's Museum in Fair Park. Cohen enjoyed a very nice, uninterrupted nap in the stroller while Cole and Peyton ran all around the exhibits. They especially enjoyed the firetruck jungle gym, the water table (big mess - you guys know Cole and water), the farm exhibit, and the aquarium (full of snakes, turtles, fish, etc.). We had a great time, thanks Tatum for the idea! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and Tatum took hers but left the memory card at home. So we got NO pictures! So I'm just posting random pictures b/c people complain if I post without pictures!

Cole helping me with Cranberry muffins - he LOVES to help with baking!

Cohen trying hard to sleep through the mayhem!

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