Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cohen Bennett

Up to this point my blog has been pretty quiet on the subject of Cohen Bennett. That is only due to the fact that life with "two under two" does not allow for a lot of computer time! But "blog silence" generally means "life loudness" so here's the latest on Cohen.

First, he is seven weeks old today! Yay! He is the perfect baby.....that's right....I've had two perfect babies! Lucky girl am I and yes, I've considered being a surragate for hire. He is already sleeping 4 to 5 hours at a time. He is awake and alert during the day, smiling and cooing at his big brother. He receives SEVERAL smacks, eye pokes, paci hijacks a day from Cole and rarely puts up a fuss. He is very snuggly and starting to be quite talkative, loves baths and being outside (good thing b/c Cole won't stay indoors at all anymore). I will admit that when something does upset him, he will let you know! In a very long and loud way! I attribute that to being the second child - you have to pick your battles so when you do pick one, its important to stage it appropriately! But I tell him that I understand and that despite certain disadvantages (like not having the dexterity to defend your paci against your older brother when you REALLY need it), second in line is a good place to be!
As of today, he is about 12 pounds 15 ounces and I can't tell how long b/c he's too long for my scale. He had his first road trip last week to OKC. And his next one is planned for next week - to Houston.

Ok, I think that covers the basics - enjoy the pics!

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