Friday, October 31, 2008

Cole's First Halloween

Well today is Cole's first Halloween. I never thought he would be participating in Halloween this year - I had envisioned handing out candy at the door dressed as a 9 month pregnant woman (hehehe - no costume necessary). But here we are with a bouncing 2 week old. So Cory and I went last weekend and browsed the preemie costumes and came up with the baby Jack-O-Lantern and the baby ghost. I went ahead and dressed him in the Jack-O-Lantern for the day so I'm posting those pics now. This afternoon we are going to take him up to Cory's office and so he'll change into his fresh ghost costume for his first Halloween "party". I'll post those pics when we get home so you'll get the full fashion show! Hope everyone has a very festive day and a night full of darling trick-or-treaters!

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

My, what long legs you have, Cole! He makes for a very leggy jack-o-lantern.