Monday, June 28, 2010

Transportation PJs take two!

I cannot believe it!!! Cohen is in my favorite pair of PJ's the "transportation PJ's". This is part of the "first year of PJ's" that Aunt Biz sent us long before Cole was born. And I can remember looking at them thinking how amazing it was going to be when Cole was big enough to wear them - they looked HUGE to me! And now HE is too big for THEM and Cohen is wearing them! It's strange to think back to that time and know that even though it wasn't that long ago a LOT has happened since then! So here are the pictures! And Cole's for comparative purposes (click on "Cole" to go to that old post)!

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The Sloan Family said...

wait, so you're telling me these aren't 3 pictures of the same baby?? which is which?